Getting You Through The Storm

Ken and Patrick

Dear Friends,

When Stella turned March from a quiet lamb into a roaring lion, many of our customers were caught by surprise. Suddenly, we had to deal with two feet of snow and strong wind gusts that upended the Hudson Valley.

These conditions always create challenges, but our team was well prepared. Take our customer S. Barry. She called us just before the storm in urgent need of a delivery. Here’s what she told us later:

“Given that I still had a quarter of a tank left, I realized I might be given lower priority over customers with fewer reserves. Despite that, Heritagenergy delivered oil the morning after the storm—before I could shovel a path to the tank. I want to commend you on the excellent customer service I received, and apologies to the delivery person for the uncleared trek!”

Making sure we can get to you when the going gets rough isn’t just a goal for us — it’s in our corporate DNA. It’s a matter of personal pride for the members of our team. They are terrific at dealing with whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

Over the past several years, we’ve increased our investment in technology, updated our fleet, and added many new home comfort products. This all reflects our commitment to delivering the best energy experience possible, and is fueled by our competitive drive to separate ourselves from the pack of fuel companies who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

Around here, we always have our walking shoes on. Especially when they’re snowshoes.

Thanks for trusting us with your comfort.

Ken Davenport and Patrick Garraghan

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